About Granicentro

Founded in 1986 and specialized in processing and marketing of Marble and Granite, GRANICENTRO is a reference in the market be it for the quality of its materials or the service it provides to its customers. It has been 30 years of experience that have resulted in a long list of successful projects which have given GRANICENTRO a curriculum that reflects quality, transparency and the most competitive prices in the market.
Especially directed to Funerary Art, GRANICENTRO has at its disposal one of the largest exhibitions of funeral/cemetery accessories. Here you can find a wide range of tombstones in various types of stone and various funeral accessories that allow you to perpetuate the memory of your loved ones.
In terms of Construction, we provide all kinds of stone for façade cladding, flooring, masonry, stairs and kitchen countertops. We also build fireplaces, do renovations, restorations and various artistic works ranging from sculptures to various decorative objects.
With a wide range of national and international customers, GRANICENTRO seeks to meet not only the professional market but also the private customer. This whole process is supported by appropriate technology and competent professionals that complement the quality of the materials with the highest quality in the final product.

We provide a personalized service, experienced technical advice, guarantee with deadlines and satisfaction.
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